Buying A Home

Tips for Buying Your Home:

  • Mortgage Pre-Approval: Find a lender you are comfortable working with right away and get pre-approved. Being pre-approved before you start looking can save precious time when you find the right home. It can also help you avoid seeing houses that may be over (or under) what you can afford.
  • Pay attention to the details: Buying a home is rife with contracts and with contracts come fine print and details. You don't want to miss that that new home has a tankless water heater rental for $182 per month or that the neighbor has right of way over part of the property. With the mortgage; how often (if at all) are you allowed to make pre-payments, is the rate fixed or variable? These are all things you need to know up front.
  • Always consider the home's resale potential: What is the neighborhood like now and what are its future trends? Are there any developments that will be happening nearby? That nice open field behind the home is great now, but will there be new housing going up in a few years?
  • Renovations: Make sure to budget for some renovations in your new home. When buying, making a list of modifications you would like to make and then prioritize them after the sale. Keep in mind, I work with a number of different professionals and can help you find the right people for your needs.
  • Home Inspection: A trained Home Inspector will find out the true condition of the home. While a home may seem to be in great condition, the truth may be hidden behind the walls or in the attic. Once you know more about the home, you can make a better informed decision on whether or not to move ahead with the purchase.

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